A New Beginning but Business as Usual

We are delighted to say that as of 1st August 2018, the Wales Air Ambulance Charitable Trust has secured the lease for Cardiff Heliport. This is an exciting development for both the Heliport and the Charity – creating opportunities for future growth and supporting the Charity in its aim of saving lives across Wales.

The Charity already has a presence at the Heliport, which is home to the Children's Wales Air Ambulance.

More information will be released in the near future, however, the Heliport will continue to operate as normal and remain a commercial venture.

If you have any questions, please email or call +44 (0) 2920 465880

For more information about the Wales Air Ambulance Charity, visit



Hangarage is available for a multitude of helicopters.

Comfortably furnished passenger lounge with TV and briefing facilities

Fully equipped conference room

First floor VIP lounge with viewing balcony




All pilots must complete the PPR request. Fuel availability, payment options, security, weather conditions, support facilities.



Jet A1 and AVGAS Available. Pricing available along with a comprehensive list of services available on the Services page.



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