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FREE landing fee's for all single-engine rotorcraft, inclusive of single-engine piston (SEP) & single-engine turbine (SET)!

To kickstart summer the right way and to assist with the gradual recovery of General Aviation (GA) flights, we've decided to waive our landing fee's for all single-engine rotorcraft. We hope that by doing so, more GA pilots will be encouraged to adventure to Cardiff and explore all the city has to offer!


With Cardiff Heliport being so aptly located close to Cardiff Bay, a short taxi-hop of no more than approximately 5 minutes, makes it the ideal go-to destination for all budding pilots. Whether it's just to explore the city, indulge in the shopping centers (such as St Davids Centre) or to "wine and dine" for the evening (might require an overnight stay for obvious reasons)... Cardiff is THE GO TO DESTINATION FOR ALL GENERAL AVIATORS!

In summary:

  • FREE landing fee's for all single-engine (SEP/SET) rotorcraft

  • No minimum fuel uplift required to be eligible for free landing

  • FREE circuits

Avgas 100LL Available

JET A1 Available

Discounted £15.00 (Ex. VAT) overnight apron parking

Hangarage available

PPR still compulsory

*PPR via radiotelephony is acceptable

Should you enjoy your visit, the Op's team would love to hear

all about it, either in person or via reviews (feel free to tag us on social media)!

Facebook: @CardiffHeliport

Instagram: @CardiffHeliport #SatOnThePad

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Terms & Conditions

1. Offer is only valid for single-engine rotorcraft.

1.1 Offer includes: single-engine piston (SEP) rotorcraft and single-engine turbine (SET) rotorcraft.

2. Offer is not valid for multi-engine rotorcraft.

2.1 Offer is not valid for multi-engine rotorcraft with one engine shutdown on approach.

3. Offer is not valid for Gyrocopters.

4. This offer affords the pilot-in-command (P.I.C) of any visiting single-engine rotorcraft unlimited waived landing fees, for the duration of your sortie whilst the promotional offer is still active/valid.

5. Promotion does not waive the PPR requirement - all flights are still subject to PPR (booking in/out essential).

5.1 PPR via radiotelephony acceptable but expect possible delays with refueling due to limited prior notice.

6. Cardiff Heliport reserve the right to terminate the offer without prior warning/notice.

7. To check promotional offer is still valid, please contact the Operations Dept. either via email ( or telephone (02920 465 880).

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