SkyDemon Fix

Objective: How to enable Helicopter (Rotary) specific layers within the SkyDemon app.

FAO all Rotary Pilots:
After discussions with a few of our visiting pilots, it has come to our attention that not all users of SkyDemon are able to find the Heliport. Don’t worry we’re still here, haven’t fallen into the sea yet and are still fully operational! The solution is a simple layers setting to be toggled on for Heli pilots!


Many thanks to Hannah at SkyDemon for her help in assisting us with this quick fix!

Hope this is helpful and if so, please share with other pilots you think might benefit.

Brief Quick-Fix Video


1. Upon opening SkyDemon (ensuring your Charts are up-to-date) you'll notice 2 icons in the bottom right-hand side.

The first, with what looks like 3 squares on top of eachother, is the Layers button.

The second, a circle with a dot in the middle is the GPS fix.

Tap the "Layers" icon and you'll be presented with a "Mapping" menu.


2. Once the "Mapping" menu is open, tap the menu item "Aircraft-Specific".


3. In the "Aircraft-Specific" menu you'll notice multiple menu items with toggle switches.

To make sure Cardiff Heliport appears, we're interested in toggling on the "Private Helicopter Landing Sites" switch.

But if you're a Rotary pilot, why not turn all switches with a "Helicopter" label on!


4. You'll now notice the green circular "H" for Cardiff Heliport will now appear!

Simple as that!